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Visual Artwork

detail of Urbi et Orbi by Claudia Nicoletti

Please read the page for writers to better understand what kind of material we publish.

In addition to text, Humanist Perspectives also publishes visual images: illustrations, photographs, paintings, et cetera. Most often these images complement the text pieces, but can also be published as independent images. We are especially interested in work which relates to an issue’s theme, that celebrates our natural world and diverse cultures, or that challenges our ways of thinking. We aim to showcase engaging, mature, and contemplative artwork rather than witty political cartoons.

As we operate on a very small budget, contributions by visual artists are unpaid. As an honorarium, published artists receive five copies of the issue in which the work was published. Copyright will belong to both the artist and Humanist Perspectives.

Submissions are welcome, and may be submitted to our Art Director at