Humanist Perspectives: issue 178, Autumn 2011

Issue 178, Autumn 2011

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Fair Sharing Instead of Rampant Greed by Henry Beissel

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Feeding the Raging Monster by Madeline Weld

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Who Will Dare Address Separate School Funding? by Alexandre Brassard

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Historical Context: Palestine Becomes the Modern State of Israel by Morgan Duchesney
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A Poet’s Voice poems by Peggy Fletcher

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From Faith to Facts by Catherine Dunphy

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Unfertile Ground: Religious Mutations in the Scientific Community by Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson
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The Perverse Rewards of Society by John K. Nixon
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BOOK REVIEW: Betrayal of Faith and Trust: A Review of Just Business by Don MacAlpine by Bill Broderick

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God's Re-election Campaign by Ruben Bolling

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In addition, Humanist Perspectives, offers a lively "Letters-to-the-Editor" section as well as "Book Reviews", books available for review and snippets of international news of interest to humanists..

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